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The white and blue city of the atlantic coast


Amogdul – the protected – called after her patrone saint berber Sidi Mogdoul. Later the portugueses changed the name into Mogdoura, the spaniards into Mogadour und last not least the french people named her Mogador. In 1764 the Alaouiten-Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah engaged the french ingenier Théodore Cornut to sketch a plan of a fortification. Now she called herself Es-Saouira – the fortificated place. This white-blue city invite you to go fot a stroll. She is a meeting point for many artists and musicians.
This city is also the most important center of moroccan art. There are more Than 150 artists which work exactly and skillful with different kind of woods – rootwood, cedar wood and lemonwood. You can find also many antiques. As well the Argan oil is a speciality of the city. You will eat at the port or in a typical restaurant in the old part of the city. On the way back to Marrakesh you will visit a pottery and you get to know an old handdown moroccan tradition – the Tadelakt – on the base of lime – in extremely nice colors.

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