General Information


Country name

The official  name – Kingdom of Morocco

The short form – the maghrib


Morocco is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Mediterranean in the north.There  are 4 mountain ranges:

the Rif and the mountains of the Atlas with the High Atlas, the Middle Atlas and the Anti Atlas.

The highest mountain of the High Atlas is the Toubkal at 4160m.


In Morocco there are about 32 million habitants. The largest group are the Berbers, followed by the Arabs.

Type of goverment

It has been a constitutional monarchy since 1972.

Since the 30 of July 1999 Mohammed VI has reigned. He followed his father Hassan II.


The official language is Arabic, for the administration and the business usually they speak Arabic and French.

French is used all over the country.

Some people also can speak English.

The Berber dialects are still spoken in the mountains and in the south.


In Morocco there is a Mediterranean climate in the north and a desert climate in the south.

Preferable travelling time is in the spring: February – May and in the autumn: September – November.

In the summertime you can enjoy the Atlantic coast.

Decalage time

In summer – 1 hour

For example: in England – summertime 15.00h

In Morocco summertime 14.00h



To enjoy a good meal in Morocco is a way of living.

It’s one of the best cuisines of North Africa and one of the best cuisines of the world.

It is varied and different – vegetable, meat, fish, herbs, spices,  fruits – everything is fresh.

The meals are prepared fresh – Tajines, Couscous, Briouats, Soups, Salads,  Pastillas.

Traditionally you eat with the 3 fingers of the right hand with the flat bread.

The ritual of the preparation of peppermint tea is celebrated all over Morocco.

The wine – white, rose and red – is now well known, but you can only drink wine in bigger hotels or

you can buy it in special shops.


In the arabian world a tip is a required. If somebody does you a favour – he shows you the way or

he explains something to you or you have tea with a villager – it’s nice to give a tip.


This kind of a deal you can find everyday. It’s a ritual. You have to do it in the souks.


Morocco is well known for its wonderful handicraft: fabrics, embroideries, carpets, earthenware,

leather goods, all kind of brass items, jewellery, antiques, also you can find the typical and

special Argan-oil, different spices, soaps and potpourri.


The great differences in the temperature  -  day and night – require you to have suitable clothing to protect yourself.

Women should respect the mores of the society and not dress provocatively.

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